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Intelligent Glue Mixing System


Intelligent Glue Mixing System

It is an automatic Intelligent Glue Mixing System and supply system for impregnating and coating lines. It can realize different glue supply for the glue used in the first impregnating station, spraying machine, and secondary coating machine. According to the actual working conditions, it is necessary to extract different types of additives and raw resin with different ratios, so as to configure resins suitable for different sections. And the automation of the glue dispensing system of the production line is realized, which ensures the stability of glue dispensing in each section.

Intelligent Glue Mixing System

Key Features of Intelligent Glue Mixing System

Precision control 

glue mixing systems enable precise control over various parameters, such as mixing ratio, temperature, and curing time. This level of control ensures reproducible results and minimizes variations in adhesive properties, leading to consistent product quality.

Automated processes 

Automation plays a crucial role in smart glue mixing, reducing reliance on manual labor and mitigating the risk of human error. Automated dispensing, mixing, and application processes not only improve efficiency but also enhance workplace safety by minimizing exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Compatibility with various materials 

Smart glue mixing systems are designed to accommodate a wide range of adhesive formulations and substrate materials. Whether bonding metals, plastics, composites, or ceramics, these systems can tailor adhesive properties to suit specific bonding requirements, ensuring optimal performance across diverse applications.

What are the main components of the Intelligent Glue Mixing System ?

PLC control program, weighing system, tank, mixing system, liquid level indicator, pump and glue storage tank and other components.

What are the advantages of Intelligent Glue Mixing System ?

  1. Product quality is stable Additives and raw rubber are weighed and mixed by a weighing system, which ensures the accuracy of the ratio of raw rubber and additives in resin and ensures the quality of product production.

  2. High production flexibility According to the different ratios of additives and raw rubber, products that meet the different needs of the market can be produced, and the production flexibility is high.

  3. Cost saving Additives and raw rubber are accurately measured by the weighing system and then added to the mixing tank to reduce waste and save costs.

  4. Store more recipes Dozens of different recipes can be stored according to process requirements.

Our projects of Intelligent Glue Mixing System

Intelligent Glue Mixing System

Intelligent Glue Mixing System

FAQ of Intelligent Glue Mixing System

1.How does the Intelligent Glue Mixing System enhance precision?

The system utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze and adjust adhesive composition in real-time, ensuring unparalleled precision in every application.

2.Can the system adapt to different adhesive types? 

Yes, the Intelligent Glue Mixing System is designed to seamlessly adapt to various adhesive formulations, offering versatility across industries.

3.What benefits does it bring to small-scale manufacturers? 

Small-scale manufacturers can enjoy cost-efficiency, reduced waste, and enhanced product quality, making the system adaptable and beneficial for businesses of all sizes.

4.Is the Intelligent Glue Mixing System compatible with existing production setups? 

Absolutely, the system is designed for seamless integration into existing production setups, minimizing disruption and maximizing efficiency.

5.How does it contribute to environmental sustainability? 

By optimizing adhesive usage and reducing waste, the Intelligent Glue Mixing System promotes sustainability, aligning with eco-friendly production practices.

6.Can the system be customized for specific manufacturing needs? 

Yes, the system offers customization options to meet the specific requirements of different industries, ensuring flexibility and adaptability.



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