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Melamine Paper Impregnation Line

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Hallmark Melamine Paper imrengnation Line

Here are our vanous types of Paper impregnotion line and related equipment catalog

Process Flow of Paper Impregnation Line

1.One Stage Horizontal Paper Impregnation Line

This Melamine Paper impregnation line typically involves a horizontal configuration where the paper is fed through a series of rollers and baths containing melamine resin. The process involves saturating the paper with the resin to ensure even coating and impregnation throughout the paper substrate. Once impregnated, the paper is cured to harden the resin, resulting in a durable and decorative surface layer.

2. Two Stage Horizontal Melamine Paper Impregnation and Coating Line

The Two Stage Horizontal Impregnation Line and Coating Line for melamine paper impregnation is a specialized production setup used in the manufacturing of melamine-impregnated paper, typically employed in the fabrication of laminate surfaces for furniture, countertops, and flooring.

The horizontal impregnating and coating line is used for making overlays and melamine decorative papers for LPL/HPL and fortified floor. It also can make Concrete Shuttering Board Overlay (PSF).

More details of Melamine Paper Impregnation Line


The unwinder is a crucial component of the melamine paper impregnation line. Its primary function is to take the paper through the impregnation and coating process and then wind it into rolls for subsequent manufacturing steps. The design and performance of the unwinder directly impact the efficiency and quality of the entire production line. When selecting and operating the unwinder, factors such as paper width, thickness, and the process requirements of the production line must be considered to ensure a smooth production flow and high-quality end products.

2.Impregnation Device

The impregnation device is a vital component in a melamine paper impregnation line. Its primary role is to saturate the paper with melamine resin, ensuring proper coating and impregnation.The impregnation device must be designed and operated with precision to achieve uniform impregnation across the paper surface. Factors such as resin viscosity, temperature control, and application pressure are carefully monitored to guarantee the quality and consistency of the impregnated paper, contributing to the production of high-quality melamine laminates or related products.

3.Impregnation Station
The most critical unit in the Phenolic Film Impregnation Line.
Paper enters the impregnation station through the inlet roller,
and then the air in the paper is discharged through one-sided gluing
by the pre-wetting roller. After full penetration, paper goes into
the vat. High-precision metering roller and smoothing roller
accurately control the uniformity of the amount of glue.

The component or process within a manufacturing line for Melamine Impregnation Line. In such a line, the dryer plays a crucial role. The dryer is responsible for removing moisture from the impregnated melamine paper, ensuring proper curing and setting of the resin.

The coater for a melamine paper impregnation line is a critical component used in the production process of melamine-impregnated paper. This coater applies a layer of melamine resin onto the paper substrate, ensuring uniform coverage and adhesion. The coated paper is then dried and cured to create a durable surface suitable for various applications such as laminates for furniture, flooring, and decorative panels.
6.Web Aligner

The Web Aligner is a crucial component in a melamine paper impregnation Machine, ensuring precise alignment and tension control of the paper web as it moves through various stages of the Melamine Paper impregnation Line.

7.Pull Roll Station
Pull roll station is an essential component in a melamine impregnation line, responsible for maintaining proper tension and guiding the melamine paper web through various stages of the melamine Paper Impregnation Line.

Parameter of Melamine Paper Impregnation Line

No Item Parameter
1 Raw Paper Decorative,Kraft,Balance,Overlay Paper
2 Raw Width 4-8 Feet
3 Resin Typre UF/MF/PF
4 Working Speed 10-100m/min
5 Heating Medium Natural Gas/Thermal Oil

Melamine Paper Impregnation Line and Operating Data Logging

HallMark Uses state-of-the-art software programs, such as Siemens、ABB and Schneider.

The comfort touch panels of melamine paper impregnation line are displaying all important data of the plant at a glance and provide quick access to all process parameters. The process masks are continuously focused on the process and in case of a problem or interruption a high volume of information can be provided, in order to localize the reason for the disturbance. Moreover Rigo has got a new remote maintenance concept with simplified software, which improves maintenance and troubleshooting.

Why Choose Hallmark Melamine Paper Impregnation Line

 20+ Years experience in manufacturing paper impregnation line.


 15% Energy Saving.


 Provide a complete solution for the installation and design of the entire dip line.


 Raw material procurement, glue formulation and production skills training.


 Equipment maintenance, technical support and other after-sales services ensure long-term stable operation of the production line.

Features of Melamine Paper Impregnation Line

Accuracy Resin Pick-Up

This is particularly relevant in industries where materials are impregnated or coated with resin, such as in the production of composite materials, laminates, or melamine-coated papers.


Multi-point Web Tension Control

refers to a system or method used in web processing industries, such as printing, converting, or packaging, where a continuous material (web) is being transported through various points in a machine. Maintaining consistent tension across multiple points is crucial for achieving high-quality results and preventing defects in the final product.


Cut-to-Mark System

In a melamine paper impregnation line, where sheets of paper are impregnated with melamine resin for use in laminates or other applications, a "Cut-to-Mark" system could refer to a technology or process where the cutting of the material is synchronized with specific marks or patterns on the paper. This synchronization ensures accurate and precise cutting, aligning with the desired dimensions or designs.


High Efficiency and Energy Saving Dryer

Implementing heat recovery systems can capture and reuse excess heat generated during the drying process. This can significantly improve overall energy efficiency by recycling heat within the system.


Optimized Airflow and Ventilation

Design the drying system with optimized airflow to ensure uniform drying across the material. Proper ventilation systems can prevent heat loss and enhance the efficiency of the drying process.

Application of Melamine Paper imrengnation Line

The Melamine paper impregnation Line is a manufacturing process used to coat and impregnate paper or other substrate materials with various resins, chemicals, or coatings. The impregnation process can provide various benefits, including increased durability, moisture resistance, and enhanced printability, among others. Here are some common applications of paper impregnation line

Decorative Laminates
Paper impregnation lines are widely used to produce decorative laminates, which are commonly used in the furniture and construction industries. The impregnated paper can be bonded to a substrate, such as particleboard or medium-density fiberboard (MDF), to create a durable and attractive surface.

High Pressure Laminates
High-pressure laminates are used in applications that require high durability, such as countertops, flooring, and wall panels. The impregnation line is used to apply a resin to a paper substrate, which is then bonded to a core material and pressed under high pressure and temperature to create a strong and durable laminate.

Specialty Papers
Impregnated paper can also be used to produce specialty papers, such as electrical insulation paper, release liners, and abrasive papers. The impregnation process can add specific properties to the paper, such as heat resistance, release properties, or abrasion resistance, depending on the application.

Packaging Materials
Paper impregnation lines can also be used to produce various types of packaging materials, such as food wrapping papers, paper bags, and cardboard boxes. The impregnated paper can provide increased strength, moisture resistance, and other properties that make it suitable for packaging applications.

Labels and Tapes
Impregnated paper can be used to produce labels and tapes for various applications, such as packaging, labeling, and sealing. The impregnation process can add specific properties to the paper, such as adhesion, water resistance, and durability, depending on the application.

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