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Cold Press Machine


Cold Press Machine Overview

Cold press machine is an important piece of equipment in the plywood production process. After the veneers are glued together, they need to be pressed to ensure a strong bond between the layers. Cold press machines are typically used for this purpose.

During the cold press process, the glued veneers are stacked and then compressed using a hydraulic or mechanical press. The pressure applied to the veneers helps to distribute the glue evenly and remove any air pockets, resulting in a strong and stable plywood panel.

Parameter of Cold Press Machine

No Item Parameters
Total Pressure 40T 50T 400T
2 Work Table Size 1500*2500mm 1300*1300mm 1300*2500mm
3 Main Cylidner φ110mm*2
φ120mm*2 φ120mm*2
4 Main Motor Power 4~5.5KW 5.5KW  7.5KW 
5 Cylinder Stroke 1000-1300mm 1000-1300mm 1000mm

Advantages of Cold Press Machine

Improved bonding: Cold press machines ensure a high level of bonding strength between the layers of veneer. The pressure and temperature applied during the pressing process help to activate the glue, resulting in a strong and durable bond.

Smooth surface finish: Cold press machines help to produce plywood with a smooth and even surface finish. The pressure applied during pressing ensures that the veneer layers are tightly compressed, resulting in a uniform surface.

Increased productivity: With the use of a cold press machine, the plywood production line can increase productivity as it enables the pressing of multiple panels at once. This helps to save time and reduce production costs.

Energy efficiency: Cold press machines are designed to use minimal energy during the pressing process. This helps to reduce energy costs and lower the overall carbon footprint of the plywood production line.

Reduced waste: Cold press machines are designed to minimize waste by ensuring a consistent and uniform pressing process. This helps to reduce the amount of scrap and rejected plywood panels.

cold press machine

Features of Cold Press Machine

High pressure: Cold press machines can exert high levels of pressure, ranging from 10 to 25 kg/cm2. This pressure helps to ensure a strong and durable bond between the veneer layers.

Multiple openings: Cold press machines have multiple openings, which allow the operator to load and unload the plywood panels easily.

Heating system: Cold press machines are equipped with a heating system that helps to activate the glue and ensure a strong bond between the veneer layers. The temperature can be controlled depending on the type of glue used.

Hydraulic system: Cold press machines use a hydraulic system to exert pressure on the plywood panels. This system is more efficient and reliable than mechanical systems and can be adjusted to control the pressure level.

Safety features: Cold press machines are equipped with safety features to prevent accidents and ensure the operator's safety. Some of these features include emergency stop buttons, safety sensors, and protective covers.

Overall, cold press machines used in the plywood production line are designed to handle large-sized panels, exert high levels of pressure, have multiple openings, use a heating and hydraulic system, and have safety features to ensure operator safety.

Accessories of Cold Press Machine


Customer Operation Site

automatic cold press machine

Cold Press Machine

Cold press machine

Cold Press Machine

Why choose HallMark as your supplier?

1.Rich Experience and Professional Design

We have 19 years experience in Woodworking industry,also has many years exporting experience. Each equipment location,passage will be designed reasonably to meet safety production.

2.Competitive Price

HallMark has own factory,with the same configuration,the price is competitive.And we are familiar with the Chinese market,our suppliers provide high-quality cost-effective accessories.

3.Timely After-sale Service

We have over 15 skilled technicians engineers, 26 after-sales engineers will be sent to the customer's factory to assist in the installation and debugging of the Whole production line until it runs well,and asked for quick responses to customer questions within 8 hours.

4.One-stop Solution

We provide one-stop service, including market analysis and professional technical consultation,Short Cycle Press Line, Paper Impregnation Production Line, Wood Based Panel Production Line, Raw materials ,Equipment installation, personnel training,Professional after-sales service team,Renovation of old equipment,make turnkey projects.

5.Quality Control

Strict quality control of equipment in production and before leaving the factory, and a complete quality management system for purchased parts.Customers are always welcome to make videos or come to the factory to know the production status.


HallMark's engineer team will design the layout according to customer’s factory space and production requirements.

FAQs of Cold Press Machine

1. Are Hydraulic Cold Press Machines environmentally friendly?

Yes, they are. Hydraulic Cold Press Machines reduce material waste, making them eco-friendly options for manufacturing.

2. Can these machines be used for small-scale woodworking projects?

Absolutely. There are Hydraulic Cold Press Machines available in various sizes, making them suitable for both small and large-scale projects.

3. What safety precautions should I take when operating a Hydraulic Cold Press Machine?

Always follow the manufacturer's safety guidelines. Wear appropriate protective gear and ensure the machine is in good working condition.

4. How often should I change the hydraulic fluid in the machine?

The frequency of hydraulic fluid changes depends on usage. Generally, it's recommended to change the fluid annually or as per the manufacturer's instructions.

5. Where can I find more information about purchasing Hydraulic Cold Press Machines?

You can find a wide range of options and information from reputable manufacturers and suppliers in the industry.



If there is anything you're not sure about or you just need a hand getting set-up you can call or email us.

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