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Complete Homogeneous Straw Based Board Equipment Line


Complete Homogeneous Straw Based Board Equipment Line

A complete homogeneous straw-based board equipment line includes various machines and equipment that are used to manufacture boards made from straw. The process involves several steps, from cutting and drying the straw to forming, pressing, and finishing the boards.

The first step in the process is cutting the straw into small pieces using a straw cutter, followed by further processing the straw pieces into finer particles using a straw hammer mill. The straw particles are then dried to a specific moisture content using a straw dryer.

Main Technical and Economic Indexes for Production Line

No Item Parameters
Size of Product 1220x2440mm 1220x2440mm
2 Manner of Product Flat pressing method periodic multi-layer hot press Flat pressing method periodic multi-layer hot press
3 Capability of production
50000m⊃3;/a 20000m⊃3;/a
4 Material 50000t/a 20000t/a
5 Isocyanate adhsive(MDI) 1750t/a 800t/a
6 Consumption of heat 400 W kcal/h 160W kcal/h
7 Consumption of uatcr 3T/h 1.5T/h
8 Steam pressure 14m⊃3;/ min 10m⊃3;/ min
9 Barometric pressure

10 Power specifications of power 380V 50HZ 380V 50HZ

The Flow Chart of  Complete Homogeneous Straw Based Board Equipment


Advantages of Complete Homogeneous Straw Based Board Equipment

Environmental Sustainability: Straw-based boards are made from agricultural waste and do not require the use of trees, making it a sustainable alternative to traditional wood-based boards.

Cost-Effective: The production cost of straw-based boards is generally lower than traditional wood-based boards, as straw is a low-cost raw material.

High Yield: The use of straw as a raw material in the production of boards ensures high yield, as it is readily available in large quantities.

Consistency: A complete homogeneous straw-based board equipment line ensures consistency in the quality of the final product, as the equipment is designed to produce uniform boards.

Versatility: Straw-based boards can be used in a variety of applications, such as in construction, furniture, and packaging, making it a versatile material.

Durability: Straw-based boards have been found to be durable and can withstand high levels of stress and pressure, making them suitable for use in various applications.

Fire Resistance: Straw-based boards have good fire resistance properties, making them a safe alternative to traditional wood-based boards.

Noise Reduction: Straw-based boards have good acoustic properties and can be used to reduce noise in buildings, making them suitable for use in construction and interior design.

Projects of Complete Homogeneous Straw Based Board Equipment Line

Complete Homogeneous Straw Based Board Equipment

Why choose HallMark as your supplier?

1.Rich Experience and Professional Design

We have 19 years experience in Woodworking industry,also has many years exporting experience. Each equipment location,passage will be designed reasonably to meet safety production.

2.Competitive Price

HallMark has own factory,with the same configuration,the price is competitive.And we are familiar with the Chinese market,our suppliers provide high-quality cost-effective accessories.

3.Timely After-sale Service

We have over 15 skilled technicians engineers, 26 after-sales engineers will be sent to the customer's factory to assist in the installation and debugging of the Whole production line until it runs well,and asked for quick responses to customer questions within 8 hours.

4.One-stop Solution

We provide one-stop service, including market analysis and professional technical consultation,Short Cycle Press Line, Paper Impregnation Production Line, Wood Based Panel Production Line, Raw materials ,Equipment installation, personnel training,Professional after-sales service team,Renovation of old equipment,make turnkey projects.

5.Quality Control

Strict quality control of equipment in production and before leaving the factory, and a complete quality management system for purchased parts.Customers are always welcome to make videos or come to the factory to know the production status.


HallMark's engineer team will design the layout according to customer’s factory space and production requirements.



If there is anything you're not sure about or you just need a hand getting set-up you can call or email us.

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