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Particleboard Glue Blender Machine


Understanding of Glue Blender for Wood-Based Panel Industry

The wood-based panel industry relies heavily on the innovative use of adhesives to produce a wide range of products, from plywood and particleboard to fiberboard and laminated veneer lumber. At the heart of this process lies the glue blender, a pivotal piece of equipment designed to ensure the uniform mixing of glue and additives, which in turn affects the quality, durability, and performance of the final product. This article dives deep into the world of glue blenders, exploring their role, functionality, challenges, and the latest technological advancements in the field.

Parameters of  Glue Blender for Wood-Based Panel Industry


Throughput kg/H
Chamber /mm
Power /KW
(DxL) A B C D E F G H M1 M2
400x 2000 1675 3205 1315 1162 1042 1505 2565 870 45 0.75
HJ500-2500 4000 500x 2500 2175 3705 1315 1162 1042 1505 3620 900 45 0.75
HJ600-3000 8000 600x 3000 2625 4278 1645 1443 1310 1633 3620 1000 75 0.75
HJ700-3000 10000 700x3000 2625 4305 1720 1543 1495 1900 3625 1100 75 0.75
HJ700-3500 12000 700x3500 3125 4810 1720 1543 1495 1900 4145 1100 75 0.75
HJ800-4000 15000 800x4000 3625 5305 1870 1593 1575 2086 4620 1200 90 1.1
HJ850-4500 22000 850x4500 4100 5865 1966 1721 1575 2220 5120 1280 90 1.1
HJ900-5000 30000 900x5000 4575 6440 2195 1812 1655 2440 5620 1350 110 1.1
HJ900-6000 40000 900x6000 5575 7440 2260 1812 1700 2550 6620 1350 132 2.2
HJ1200-6000 50000 1200x6000 5430 7580 2610 2122
1730 2950 6700 1600 200 2.2
HJ1200-6500 60000 1200x6500 5950 8100 2630 2122 1780 3120 7200 1600 250 2.2

Introduction to Glue Blender Machine

Glue blending technology is crucial for the wood-based panel industry. It enables the precise and efficient mixing of adhesives and other components, which is essential for achieving the optimal performance of the wood panels. The technology behind glue blenders is continually evolving, aiming to improve the quality of the mix and reduce waste.

Three-Dimensional Drawing of Glue Making Machine

Glue blender

The Role of Glue Blenders in Wood Panel Manufacturing

Glue blenders serve a critical function in the manufacturing process of wood panels. They ensure that the adhesive is evenly distributed throughout the wood chips or fibers, which is key to the structural integrity and quality of the panels.

Detailed Exploration of Glue Blender Machine

Understanding the components of glue blenders, such as the mixing mechanism and control systems, is essential for optimizing their operation and ensuring the quality of the glue mix.

Glue blender

Glue Blender

Glue Blender

Glue Blender

Glue blender

Glue Blender

Advantages of Glue Blender Machine

  1. Low-speed long shaft design, reducing the crushing of large particles, minimizing the centrifugal effect of fine particles, and distributing the glue in a more uniform way on all components

  2. Perfect cooling system with double shells and excellent water flow channel and shaft through the water design to ensure heat dissipation and avoid high temperature glue.

  3. The inner wall is made of high wear-resistant stainless steel and metal-ceramic inner wall for customers to choose, the first metal-ceramic inner wall in China, which is three times of the stainless steel shell.

  4. Spraying imported high wear-resistant metal material on the glue mixing claw, durable and wear-resistant; Empty core design, water cooling without gumming.

  5. New air atomization spray gun, good atomization effect, ensure the uniformity of sizing and reduce the amount of glue.

  6. Advanced time control unit (damping door) to control the mixing time of shavings in the equipment.

FAQ of Glue Blender Machine

1.What types of adhesives can be used with glue blender machines?

Glue blender machines are compatible with a wide range of adhesives, including water-based, solvent-based, and hot melt formulations.

2.Are glue blender machines suitable for small-scale production environments?

Yes, there are glue blender machines available that cater to small-scale production requirements, offering flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

3.How often should glue blender machines be cleaned and maintained?

It is recommended to clean and maintain glue blender machines regularly, following the manufacturer's guidelines and schedule to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

4.Can glue blender machines be customized to meet specific production needs?

Yes, many manufacturers offer customizable options for glue blender machines, allowing businesses to tailor the equipment to their unique requirements.

5.Are glue blender machines user-friendly and easy to operate?

Modern glue blender machines are equipped with user-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls, making them easy to operate even for operators with minimal training or experience.



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