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Complete Cement Template Production Line


Complete Cement Template Production Line

Complete Cement Template Production Line can atilize such raw materials ascementsmall-diameter logs,branches and etc. to produce graduated cement particleboard with 3 layerthe boord used in such trades as buildingpackage, fitting up a house and so on, andit is a better replacem ent of the building materials.

This production line can prepare the wooden shavings by flaking with long timber. 

After cement、shavings and chemical materials are separately measured bycomputer, mix them evenly, and form into specification board bycom bining mechanicalforming with air forming. 

The mats are transported by steel caul plate conveyor andmulti-belt conveyor into stacking machine for stacking, and after they are compressedinto specification thickness by cold press, through a series of processes again such ascuring、storing、drying and so on.

Parameters of Complete Cement Template Production Line

Product Dimension

No Item Parameter
1 Size 1250x(2600-3200)mm
2 Thickness 8~30mm
3 Density 1250 50kg/m

Capacity of Production

NO Item Parameter
1 Working days per year 280days
2 Shifts per day 3 shifts
3 Effective working hours per day 22.5hours



12mm (length of board:3200mm)

Raw Material Consuned

No. Item Parameter
1 Cement 27000t/y
2 Timber 11000t/y
3 A (solid)Aluminium hitrate 270t/y
4 N (40%) Sodium Carbonate 1000t/y
5 Mold release agent 200t/y
6 Consumption of water (0.4MPa) 2t/h
7 Consumption of steam (0.8MPa) 4t/y
8 Consumption of compression air 130m3/h
9 Total installed capacity 1350kw
10 Building of Workshop 7500
11 No. of Workers required 100
12 Worker
13 Technician 10

The Flow chart of Complete Cement Template Production Line

The Flow chart of Complete Cement Template Production Line

Advantages of Complete Cement Template Production Line

Increased efficiency: A complete production line ensures a streamlined and continuous manufacturing process, which can help to increase efficiency and reduce the production time.

Consistent quality: With a complete production line, the manufacturing process can be monitored closely to ensure consistent quality in each cement template produced.

Lower production costs: A complete production line can help to reduce production costs by eliminating the need for manual labor and reducing waste.

Increased production capacity: A complete production line can produce a large quantity of cement templates in a shorter period of time, thereby increasing the production capacity.

Improved safety: Automated processes and safety features in a complete production line can help to improve safety for workers and reduce the risk of accidents.

Customizable design: A complete production line can be designed to produce different types and sizes of cement templates to meet the specific needs of customers.

Projects of Complete Cement Template Production Line

Complete Cement Template Production Line

Why choose HallMark as your supplier?

1.Rich Experience and Professional Design

We have 19 years experience in Woodworking industry,also has many years exporting experience. Each equipment location,passage will be designed reasonably to meet safety production.

2.Competitive Price

HallMark has own factory,with the same configuration,the price is competitive.And we are familiar with the Chinese market,our suppliers provide high-quality cost-effective accessories.

3.Timely After-sale Service

We have over 15 skilled technicians engineers, 26 after-sales engineers will be sent to the customer's factory to assist in the installation and debugging of the Whole production line until it runs well,and asked for quick responses to customer questions within 8 hours.

4.One-stop Solution

We provide one-stop service, including market analysis and professional technical consultation,Short Cycle Press Line, Paper Impregnation Production Line, Wood Based Panel Production Line, Raw materials ,Equipment installation, personnel training,Professional after-sales service team,Renovation of old equipment,make turnkey projects.

5.Quality Control

Strict quality control of equipment in production and before leaving the factory, and a complete quality management system for purchased parts.Customers are always welcome to make videos or come to the factory to know the production status.


HallMark's engineer team will design the layout according to customer’s factory space and production requirements.



If there is anything you're not sure about or you just need a hand getting set-up you can call or email us.

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